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广州天源税务师事务所简介 Brief introduction of TianYuan Certified Tax Agent and Auditing Company Guangzhou China

  广州天源税务师事务所是部署于中国广州、新加坡、美国、加拿大和西班牙的专业服务机构。设有由优秀专业人员组成的行业专责团队,致力提供审计、税务和咨询等专业服务。TianYuan Certified Tax Agent and Auditing Company Guangzhou China (Tehong) is a professional firm which focuses on auditing, taxation and consultation. Tehong has an excellent history in financial industry from our original establishment to the present day as a multi disciplinary firm locating in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai of China and Singapore.


  During providing persistent services to thousands of international and domestic clients, our objectives are to translate our knowledge and experience into practical value and increase its value to benefit our clientele, staffs and the capital market, particularly assisting firms to grow with solving the problems through our professional consulting pattern.


     China now has double roles as both a manufacturing base and a marketplace of global economy. It is appealing to both investors aboard and domestic entrepreneurs. However, China is still a challenging place to do business due to the developing government policies, confusing law system, different culture and risks from the high-speed development. So the foreign investors need the reliable, independent professional advices on national and local issues during the process of the business establishment, construction and expansion in China.


     In this situation, with the operation of over thousands programs in Chinese tax and 20 years experience, Tehong can provide professional solutions to the tax problems that business could face. Moreover, we are capable to provide detailed and effective advices for China-based offices to head office. And we are able to promote the capability of domestic enterprises to invest abroad and analyze financial benefits on new projects as well as to optimize the deployment of local projects.

行业知识Industrial knowledge 



  Tehong professionals operate in multi-disciplinary groups focusing on clients' needs and their industries. We aim to deliver high-quality services from our dedicated teams operation.

  Consultants of Tehong consist of members of National Development and Reform Commission, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and senior professors from the management school of international famous universities.
我们在国内已经建立起IT、电讯、石化、消费品和工业品行业划分的专责团队。同时,来自新加坡的资深广州天源税务师事务所人员能够处理跨国的特殊专业问题,并依据当地的公认会计准则出具报告。凭着对各行业和中国实际情况的深入认识,我们向客户提供的专业人员不仅能够洞悉客户所在行业的具体商业问题,而且还 能够专心致志地提供一流服务。

   We have established the outstanding team responding the industries of IT, Telecommunication, petrol-chemistry, consumption goods and industrial products. Meanwhile, our senior colleagues of Tehong Singapore Office are capable to handle special cross-national professional issues and issue report by accurately referring to the local general accounting standards. By being familiar in different industries and the situations of China, our professionals are capable to analyze the specific business issues in clients’ industries and also capable to concentrate on providing quality service.

我们的服务Our Service 


  Service of Tehong covers various professions from the enterprises that located in Asia, Euro and America, our drive is to fulfills each requirement of our clients.

审计和涉税鉴证Auditing and Tax Related Authentications


  We emphasize that the foundation from examination of the enterprise’s financial data enhances the further understanding of the real issues of the enterprise that results in the continuous improvement of the auditing method. We can also help your business improve its external financial reporting and adapt to new China regulatory requirements.


  Our auditing service includes legally required audit of local financial statements and internal audit of enterprise financial statements, as well as tax related authentications and judicial authentications. We can also help your organization report externally on non-financial information, and strengthen your corporate governance procedures. Moreover we are also capable to service as a reporting accountant for stock market listing in the securities market both in China and overseas.

目标管理和内部控制 Objective Management and Internal Audit

    我们的管理项目顾问部门可协助客户进行目标设计、预算管理、目标实现、经营管理审计、风险管理和内控审阅等环节顾问工作方案,并就公司监控环境的各个方面向高级管理层提供独立的意见. 企业管理系统信息技术方案我们的信息技术专业人员可提供以下各类服务:企业管理系统信息技术方案、信息安全、业务持续经营管理、项目风险管理和信息技术战略。

  Our internal audit department is ready to help clients for objective design, budget management, objective realization, audit management, risk management and the internal inspection, and to provide independent advice to the company’s management based on all the aspects of monitoring environment. In the aspects of information management, our professionals are capable to provide the following service: information technology of enterprise management system pattern, information security, business continuity management, project risk management and information technology strategies.

财务规划Financial Consultation

  Our project consulting team solves daily management problems among different enterprises in China. The main management problems focus on ‘financial normalization project’, ‘disclosure and report of information’, ‘general budget management project’, ‘internal audit project’, ‘ERP executive project’ and ‘cost control project’. We have outstanding achievements in those areas results from our clients’ enterprises obtained the assistance from our experienced professional consultations.

投资项目Investment Consultation
我们的投资顾问项目部的专业人员各具所长,他们能够为提高 客户的股东价值提供裨益良多的意见。无论客户需要设立企业、选址工厂、收购企业、筹资、调查企业舞弊行为、改善绩效还是股权激励、并购重组、投资者关系,我们的专业人员都能设计并协助实施务实而有效的战略,帮助客户实现目标。                   

  Our professionals in this department have specific knowledge for providing various advices to clients for increasing the value of their investments. The professional knowledge provides the capability of assistance in planning and executing the strategies from requirements of clients, regarding the establishment of enterprise, location selection, enterprise purchasing and financing, inspection of corruption, performance improvement, relationships with investors and business reformation.

税收规划设计和全球税务筹划Tax Consultation And Global Tax Planning


  We kept ourselves updated with the latest ax policies and keep in contact with official tax departments in order to adjust our service form the periodically renewal taxation standards and contribute to the conformable assistance for clients. As a result, our tax professionals provide reliable advices in the aspects of business income tax, import and export duties and other related concerns in China. The emphasis of the tax consultation is to help enterprise obtain governmental deductions and improve clients’ economic benefits from providing suitable advice with considering the influence of the oversea tax policies.

IPO项目和上市公司 IPO Projects and Listed Companies



For the past few years, Tehong has assisted in the listing of many our clients’ companies on stock markets of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore and United States. During the process, we assist our clients to conduct standard financial consolations, due diligence, internal audit and control, and ERP redevelopment or online implementation. As a consultation agency in the capital market, we also collaborate with the securities firms to accelerate the listing process of our clients. Most of the companies that Tehong helped in their listing remained as our major clients today.

Our professional management consultants have been involving in the merger and reorganization project, private placement project, spinning off divisions, investing and financing of investment projects of multiple listed companies in the past decade. These experiences, advices and solutions are constantly improving the quality and efficiency of investment decisions of listing companies and also creating social benefits.


The New Third Board (an over-the-counter market for growing enterprises) and other Investment and financing projects



We help our clients to be listed on the new third board of Chinese Stock Exchange Market, In addition we assist them in shareholding reforms and equity structure optimization, search for institutional investors, market makers and brokers for our clients. Moreover, we make meticulous preparation and long-term arrangement for our clients to enhance their capital plate.

中小型企业管理策略研究Small and Medium Size Business management Strategy Research


  During 20 years of providing services to enterprises, we developed excellent knowledge and experience to help small and middle size business. We have excellent expertise to help them to develop management skills and avoid thorny obstacles during the daily operations. We can provide research and analysis to help the capital operation in diversified business of medium enterprises. Our professionals can provide different systematic solutions that are based on the different companies’ problems. We will give customized advices and help to update the management system based on the latest law, regulation and accounting standards. 

联系方式 Contact departments

投资关系部Public Relations Division13711113353 

专注于投资者关系、企业价值管理咨询、企业并购重组IPOMBO、引进VC 或基金等解决方案。

Focus on corporate public relations, organizing business training, tailor-made training courses for enterprises.

投资顾问部Investment Advisory Department13711113363 


Focus on helping enterprises to invest in feasibility analysis and opinion agency business registration procedures.

会计事业部Accounting Department13711113373 


Focus on accounting and corporate financial planning analysis, cost control, and export tax rebates

管理项目部Management Project Department13711113383 


Focus on the status quo for the diagnosis and analysis of enterprise management, implementing solutions,

审计事业部Tax & Audit Division13711113393 

专注于中小企业的纳税审查税务顾问Focus on auditing of SMEs, tax review, tax consultants

Customer Center13711111169 


Focus on customer communications and expand, we hear you, enhance service quality.

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